Sydney Theatre Company presents

Sex with Strangers

By Laura Eason

Meet Olivia. She’s your typical literary type: bookish, private and deeply disinterested in technology. With a failed novel behind her and an almost complete manuscript in front of her, this thirty-something is having a crisis of confidence.

Enter Ethan Strange. He’s a Gen Y blogger who has topped the New York Times Best Seller list with his book Sex With Strangers, a conquest by conquest chronicle of his year on the singles scene. His bank account is brimming but even Ethan knows his writing is empty.

Despite not being a match that e-Harmony would make, when Ethan and Olivia meet they instantly click. But it’s not long before their online life threatens to destroy their real-life connection.

If theatre can go viral, that is certainly what happened when this topical comedy premiered at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre in 2011…and you don’t need a Facebook page to understand why. The title might suggest a bawdy romp, but Sex With Strangers is an extremely tender intergenerational love story. Playwright Laura Eason pits books against blogs to ask who we are in the digital age, how much we should share online and if our addiction to technology is turning us into twits.Warning: Contains Sexual References and Strong Language

This play was AMAZING! Everyone has to see it. If you love books, have a blog, are a writer or even have friends who are you will love this! It is full of laughs, romance and as it warns – sexual references and strong language.