Paullina Simons

Paullina Simons’s Tully is the powerful story of a young woman from the flat plains of Kansas. Tully’s story is as embracing as the wheat fields and as sweeping as the prairies from which the drama unfolds. Five young Kansans, struggling to find a place in the world, are touched by a tragedy which alters and shapes their lives for more than a decade. Three women – best friends – desire each other’s lives more than their own. Jennifer, shy and withdrawn, can do no wrong in her parents’ eyes, but Jennifer’s heart is not in Kansas. Julie, who comes from a large, loving family, feels she belongs nowhere. And fierce and tender Tully is at war with the world, yearning for dreamless sleep. Two young men, Robin and Jack, forever change the lives of the three women as they all come into the world of the seventies and eighties. This is not a novel of coming of age, for Tully was always of age – grown before her time. Her story is an odyssey in which she must explore her own troubled past as she forges into an uncertain future. Tully will find and lose friends, lovers, and family and uncover shocking truths about herself before she confronts the hard choices from which she can no longer hide. In Jennifer, Jack, Robin, Julie, and, especially, Tully, the pain of loss and betrayal as well as the gifts of friendship and love are revealed by an astonishing new writer

“Book to Movie” Monday is where I write what books I would like to see turned into a movie or a book that is already in production.

A book I have wanted to see became a movie for over ten years now is Tully. I have read and re-read this book so many times I have lost count.

It will make you cry, laugh and take you by surprise.

I would pick Danielle Panabaker to play Tully,

Taylor Lautner to play Robin, and

Liam Hemsworth to play Jack 🙂

It is a heart breaking, addictive story that will always hold a place in my heart, and if one day it becomes a movie, I will be at the midnight screening.